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He designs products for national and international firms such as Sirrah Illuminazione, Prandina, CRAB, Disegnoluce, Andromeda, etc. Since 1997 he has worked on several projects in collaboration with the architects Afra and Tobia Scarpa. From 1996 to 2000 he was art director for Andromeda of Venice. In 2002 ONO commissioned him to design a new line of household lamps together with Fiorenzo Valbonesi and Giancarlo Ventrucci. In 2003 he was appointed art director for ONO.



Cambi, Scatena, Turini Architects" Studio is a design laboratory founded in 1998 in Vicopisano. They combine concrete experiences with more conceptual moments by taking part in prize competitions on design and architecture and obtaining many awards including a special mentions at the competitions "Idee per la Luce - 2001", "Echi di Luce - 2002", "Atmosfere di Luce - 2006", and at the competition for the restoration of the historic stalls of the St. Lorenzo market in Florence. In 2001, drawing the first family of lamps "Samui" and, since then, they have been continuously dealing with lighting design, exploring any possible shades of this kaleidoscopic world.

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In 2002 he wons the second price in the national architecture competition  "Christian D.IV's Bryghus" and decides to open his own office of architecture and design in Venice, Italy. In 2004 he wins the international art competition Targetti Light Art Award which becomes a starting point for his career as lighting designer. From 2004-2006 he designs and develops a streetlamp for the city Ringsted, Denmark in collaboration with Louis Poulsen Lighting. From 2011 is in charge of RandD in Light4.
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After finishing his studies, he began to work in Murano for ALT glassworks, where he learned Murano glassmaking techniques. In this context, he started to develop products in the objets d'art sector, mainly collaborating with the world of art and design and working alongside artists such as Fabrizio Plessi, Piero Dorazio and Eugenio Carmi. In 2000, he became Product Manager for the FDV Group, designing many catalogue products. In 2007, as a partner of Light4, he took over the Façon de Venise brand for which he designs various collections. He currently fills the role of Product Manager for all the Light4 brands: Façon de Venise, Muranoluce, Vintage and Itama.
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A Creative Designer with strong curiosity, passion for her work and strong motivation for new challenges. She works in the interior lighting design, jewelery, furniture and household objects. She offers ideas, projects and solutions for national and international markets.



Borri Manuel was born in Genoa in 1983. He graduated in Industrial Design from the University of Genoa, Faculty of Architecture. After the degree he started to work in the automotive industry. In 2008 he left the automotive industry to engage in the world of lighting furniture, his main passion, going to work for one of the most important companies in the lighting design sector. The acquired experience and professional growth led him to undertake a new experience: to found the Diagora Design studio which, currently, collaborates with some of the most important European realities of lighting & product design.



It can easily be said that Paolo Crepax is practically born in Murano's glass kilns. Over the years, Crepax worked with internationally-renowned artists and designers, which gave him the opportunity to develop his own creations, revealing the knowledge held by a person who every day works with such a both fascinating yet difficult material such as glass. Today Paolo Crepax is famous for being one of the few master craftsmen left, for his ability to work the glass and his creative flair, that love this form of art and are passionate about their job. Crepax definitely still enjoys creating new lighting and homeware applications and solutions. adele


Mauro Marzollo was born in Venice. After finishing his studies, he began working as a designer on Murano, where he learned the most refined glass-making techniques, which became important tools for his professional development marked by many achievements. After becoming freelance, in 1980 he began collaborating with Itre, which put him in charge of the Research and Design Department and product engineering. He has designed for: Lumenform, Effetre International, Modaluce, Bilumen, Piùluce, Sirrah, A. V. Mazzega, I Guzzini, ITRE, Murano Due, Aureliano Toso 1938, Alt, Ultraluce, Team Italia, Carlesso, Light4 and Panzeri. He is currently working in the lighting and retail sectors. plana